English Integrated Skills II: Course Syllabus

Why You Need This Course?

This course will help students develop beginner-Intermediate English skills by integrating listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies. Students will be able to use language skills they learned so far and expand that knowledge and usage to more complicated settings. They will develop skills to effectively use language in unfamiliar situations. This course will be supported by the multimedia resources, including audio-visual materials and apps.

At least, read these key words…

Integrated English proficiency, speaking comprehension, listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, Writing Comprehension.

Registered Course Schedule:

  • Week 1: Introduction of the course, syllabus and materials.
  • Week 2: Beginning and ending a conversation.
  • Week 3: Reacting to what you hear.
  • Week 4: Maintaining a conversation.
  • Week 5: Expressing and defending opinions.
  • Week 6: Dealing with problems.
  • Week 7: Explaining your requirements.
  • Week 8: Wrapping up the course. Reports.

Each week students will do a variety of active learning exercises to improve their listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. In addition to these, students will take part in various collaborative and individual mini-projects designed to enhance their overall confidence when speaking English, as well as their vocabulary comprehension and analytical reasoning skills.

Students will be asked to reflect monthly on the content of the class. They will be given time in each class to write notes (or discuss) for their monthly class reflection. 

Grading Policy (specified from the registered syllabus):

In order to be successful in this course, students will need to complete the following:

1. Written assignments – 25 % maximum

2. Reading assignments – 25 % maximum

3. Critical Thinking assignments – 25 % maximum

4. Presentation skills – 25 % maximum


Students will be asked to conduct collaborative or individual mini-projects and interviews outside class hours.  

Reading Materials and Textbooks (available here):

Attention: Sharing of the whole or parts of these materials outside of class is illegal.