English Presentation Skills II: Course Syllabus

Why You Need This Course?

This course teaches what makes a non-native speaker of English become confident when making a presentation in English. Students will learn the key skills employed by all effective presenters which include the basics of introducing the topic, structuring the talk, holding the audience’s attention and explaining the visual materials.

At least, read these key words…

English Presentation; Structure; Key phrases; Simple Visuals, Audience needs; Holding the Attention, Presentation techniques

Registered Course Schedule:

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Students are required to actively participate in class. This course combines the basic theory of English presentation with practice and students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of the content through weekly assignments and drills. 

Grading Policy (specified from the registered syllabus):

In order to be successful in this course, students will need to complete the following:

1. Weekly Small Group Activities with Written Feedback (8 activities x 7.5 points) – 60 % maximum

2. Final Presentation (First Attempt) – 15% maximum

3. Final Presentation – 25% maximum


Spending some time on required work and preparation is essential. Students are expected to select, watch and analyze one TED talk presentation once a week outside of class hours. Students also need to practice a lot outside of classroom in order to grow their presentation skills.  

Reading Materials and Textbooks (available here):

Attention: Sharing of the whole or parts of these materials outside of class is illegal.