English Writing Skills II: Course Syllabus

Why You Need This Course?

The aim of this course is to develop the students’ abilities to express their ideas in well thought out and well organized essays in English. The students will begin by writing comprehensive paragraphs and end by writing a clear and well-developed essay.

At least, read these key words…

English, Writing, academic, research, Essay

Registered Course Schedule:

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Even though this course does not focus on academic topics, students will have developed a clear understanding of the writing process and will thus be able to transfer the writing skills they learn in this course to other courses in order to write reports and papers for other courses including academic subjects.

Week 1

Course Introduction


Week 2

The Process Writing 


Week 3

Pre-Writing: Getting Ready to Write


Week 4

The Structure of a Paragraph


Week 5

The Development of a Paragraph


Week 6

Descriptive Paragraphs


Week 7

Process Paragraphs


Week 8

Opinion Paragraphs


Week 9

Comparison and Contrast Paragraphs


Week 10

Problem and Solution Paragraphs


Week 11

The Structure of an Essay


Week 12

Outlining an Essay


Week 13

Writing Introductions and Conclusions


Week 14

Final Written Test


Week 15

Feedback Session


Students will be asked to reflect monthly on the content of the class. They will be given time in each class to write notes (or discuss) for their monthly class reflection.

Grading Policy:

Weekly class assignments – 70%

Final Written Work – 30 %