It was our first time participating in the Barter Puzzle activity and there were many things that we learned and noted. First of all, we separate our puzzle pieces from the pile that was given, then we divided are group into those who will complete the puzzle and those who will negotiate for the missing pieces. However, before we could leave the group, we were accosted by the other group members asking to trade pieces. In the hurdle we were unable to focus on one piece at a time and were thrown in to the negotiating process head first.

We were able to trade pieces that we needed but unfortunately a significant part of our puzzle was missing, therefore even after trading we were still unable to complete our puzzle. We continued to move forward and were able to complete the puzzle as best as we could and found out the two questions that we needed to discuss. The team that had our puzzle pieces demanded we pay them an unreasonable amount of chips, which brought us to a crossroads.

We had two options, first leave our puzzle unfinished, or second give them the amount of money that they want. Since it was necessary to finish the puzzle, we sent representatives to negotiate, who were unsuccessful again and again. In the end the other team was told that they had to get rid of extra pieces, which did not motivate them to reduce the price but did gave them a reason to stop increasing the price. We teamed up with another team to get them to give our pieces to us at a reasonable price.

We discussed among ourselves what was more important, keeping the money or completing the puzzle? In the end we were able to get the pieces that we needed however the price was not exactly reasonable. We learnt that we were kind-hearted, we did not demand high prices for puzzle pieces and also that we easily folded to the people’s demands. Overall even with the numerous bums in the road we did not fair that bad.