In this paragraph, we will summarise everything that we came up with, and was suggested by people. Firstly, on our solution, we came up with legalisation of prostitution, which had many aspects associated with it that made it doable but after some problems were removed.

Since traditionally Thailand is a conservative country, in which they are against prostitution religiously and culturally. On the other hand, our ideas were agreed and supported by students in our class. They came up with loss of benefit from legalising prostitution, due to lack of tourist interest caused by taxes imposed by government as a result of prostitution being recognised as a job. Moreover, by legalising prostitution, prostitutes would face peer pressure from right wing conservatives, claiming that it is not a real job.

Moving on to the blue sticky notes, our team came up with low risk incentives and doable solution for prostitution. For instance, we suggested for implementation of taxes to brothels, introduce new reforms such as setting up minimum wages and minimum age. Not only that, we also came up with an idea inspired from Turkey, in which they legalised existing brothels, to reduce and hinder anything related to prostitution, since Turkey is a Islamic conservative country it was very relatable to our case. However, others from our class demanded rather improvement in working condition and passive way of dealing prostitution. Such as, sanitary issues as result of their working condition and introducing license for people to work in this sector. Furthermore, passive methods such as education and parental protection play a vital role in reducing and protecting their loved ones to not fall in the prostitution trap.

Aside from that, we aspire to join the others, such as Germany and many into a movement that legalise prostitution. And yes, our fellow classmates are also with us, but they demanded fewer things. For example, new reforms in order to support sex workers. Reforms such as working reforms that enables them to gain legal support from Government if there are involved in something out of their control. Another law, such as fines for working in prostitution illegally, both to employee and employer, so that this legalization would be seen as a serious business.

A team