We spend almost 30 minutes in order to complete our “Barter Puzzle”.  After receiving the messy puzzle from teacher, we found out that not all those pieces of puzzle belong to our group. So we started to define and recognize the missing  pieces  and unbelonging pieces which are not fix with our group’s photo. At that time, some of our group members who talented in puzzle stay still at the seat and started to barter what we have. Others volunteered to find the missing pieces from other groups. To unbelonging pieces, our group tried to find the  target groups who needs it. Some pieces we sold, and some pieces we exchanged. In this process, it seemed so complicated. In order to receive our missing pieces, we negotiated and bargained the price with other group. We used communication and negotiation skills, and marketing strategy. Later on, we collected and got all pieces that we need, and our puzzle picture was absolutely completed.  Then we opened the questions which appeared on the picture and analyzed about it. While we were discussing, two groups bothered us. Since we owned some of their missing pieces. We decided to sell it to them in a bit high prices, but they argued. They wanted lower prices. At that time, we thought we have power and no need to negotiated more. What we want is more coins, and what they need is their missing pieces. So “wanting” is just our option, but “need” is their requirement. After such as long negotiation, finally we agreed with them, and sold those pieces. (KUNTHIB)

The “Barter Puzzle” game shows us in a creative way a great experience of relationship between separate groups of people. Even if goals were the same, each team came out with their own strategy to achieve them. There was neutral, collaborative and competitive strategies, it shows us, that problems usually have more than one solution.  Also, the important point was changing of rules halfway through the game, because it teaches us, that environment is not necessary constant, and even right or perfect decisions can be poor in different circumstances. Looking at the game experience, especially “money” tokens, which also makes this game competitive, we can assume, that solution or strategy are dependent of party’s private interest. For example, we chose an aggressively competitive strategy, such as buying alien pieces from another teams and then selling them at higher prices and we made most profit in the game, despite the moral questions. We think, that this game experience can show us a basics of a real human relationships at any possible scales.  (Sasha)


The open question we could find through the puzzle were these two: “What are the INSIGHTS that we have developed through the synthesis of information we have gathered through research and empathy stage.” and “How can we bring more clarity and focus to our chosen problem?”

After searching some data of Nigeria like the ratio of children who are under some education or the educational expenses ratio to GDP, we were able to refine the recognition of issues or find new problems. We categorized them into three parts: Infrastructure, Investment and Organization. And we thought they includes 6 following problems: The language problem, Teachers are untalented and are not paid enough, Lack of facilities, Parents cannot to put their children in school and Classes are overcrowded. As those all problems are interconnected, it is difficult for us to focus on one specific point. However, we agreed that the funding system can be a key to solve the problem because the financial point is the core in the end.

Our point of view is “Reorganizing educational funding system in Nigeria in an efficient manner.” On the first place, our target people is the poor people who cannot afford for giving education to their children in Nigeria. The bottom of the problem is funding system, we thought. It seemed clearly when we compared the educational expenses ratio to GDP of Nigeria with that  of South Africa. Nigeria spare smaller proportion into education yet in data, I mean the real situation can be worse as it is occurred often in data. We yielded a piece of idea as our point of view. After gathering opinions not only from our team members but also from in the class, we could get some critical perspectives that there can be another corruption in the new funding system we came up with. We need to consider the way to prevent any corruption in the direct funding system from central government to local authorities.  (Mako)


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