The post-it activity involved us ranking potential solutions to our defined problem on a graph with an x/y axis. As a group we brainstormed for around 45 minutes, we tried to come up with several different solutions to the problems of education in Nigeria, and discussed the efficacy and effectiveness of each solution amongst ourselves. After doing this we wrote down each problem on a post-it note and placed said notes in various positions on the our graph. The positions we place the graph described the likeliness of the solution to work as well as how innovative/radical we thought the particular solution was.

Our highest ranking solution i.e the one in the right-hand corner of our graph was the restructuring the investment/funding system of education in Nigeria. The 2nd part of this exercise involved other groups commenting upon and adding to our graph. Based on the existing solutions on our graph they came upon with their own solutions and placed them where they felt was required. This was very helpful as it added new insights and ideas that as a group we had not considered at that point in time. Additionally, they helped us to develop our thinking around the problem, as another team was tackling a similar problem elsewhere in the world and solidified the idea that our solutions had to be specific to our environment. (Manny)

 The”Ideate” Process: As a Team


  •  It sounds easy to accomplish it. This money flow might decrease corruptions, but still there are high possibilities to happen the same thing. Also the central government has power to organize everything. We are not sure that it gives proper amount of educational funding to the area in need.
  •  Direct funding of local education by the federal government with the aim of reducing corruption and increasing accountability.
  • It might be complicating that money goes directly from the government to the local places (too many towns and too many people).


  • If we use the outsiders like non-governmental organization to flow money from the government to local schools, it can be realized.


  •  Better funding system.

→Attracting sponsors and get fund → Ensuring sustainable fund → Financial management → The government → Direct to the local authority


 The”Ideate” Process: Feedback from the class


  •  The government will be against it because it will give them less power. It should sound enticing to the government to convince them!
  • If funds can be attained, how to avoid corruption in the organization?
  • Create new government opposition, so that new Nigeria can be made.


  • Even if you utilize NGOs, corruption can occur if you do not make some system which supervise the NGOs.
  • Providing basic education, vocational and life-skills for out of school children and women through non-formal education.


  • By fund? How can you make sustainable.
  • Making an appeal for contribution on social media and ask some help (money) from overseas.
  • Bottom-up development plan.
  • 1. Better project planning

↳be able to attract fund

↳stronger technical partnerships


  1. Improve educational planning and management

↳Ensuring sustainable funding and improved financial management

Ensuring that all schools have school development plans, school-based committees, and boards to improve school governance.



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