Other than the actual problem of water crisis in Cape Town, the puzzle thing itself was also a problem we had to solve as a group. So to make it perfectly clear, what we had to do was to finish the puzzle ASAP with the lowest cost of Tokens as well. We’ve quickly figured out that, and then we automatically divided into 2 groups. Mariam seems to be really good at puzzles while I am no good at socializing so I decided to sit still and assist Mariam to do the puzzles. The other 2 gents seem to have very good skills at negotiating and trading, they kept bringing and bringing new pieces to us. Everyone was good at the role they had chosen and felt comfortable doing it, that’s the chemical I think. Also from the very beginning , we evaluated each piece of puzzle we got and set some trading policy such as we prefer a commodity exchange to using Tokens. Those factors helped us solve the problem very smoothly too.