In the Barter Puzzle Activity, we got the second grade even though we used few tokens. Here is what we did.

First, we tried to complete our puzzle as much as possible in order to find out which pieces we needed and didn’t need. Second, we looked for the pieces walking around the class and negotiated with other teams’ members. Then, we exchanged each team’s pieces. That’s why we used few tokens. We learned the importance of strategy and teamwork through this activity.(Moe) We knew what to do and we didn’t take token as something to keep but to use. Tokens were like money, it becomes useful only when being used, and we invested token to finish our job without getting to negotiate much. About work distribution, no need to mention, we spontaneously observed in and outside our team then do what should be done.We worked as a team with one objective. As prof. has said before, finish is better than perfect. (Jien)