Since we decided to focus on the lack of government support and lack of interest in students as the core idea to come up with a solution, most of our ideas concern ways on how to raise funds to assist students. Our group came up with four points. First, the easiest and the already-existing solution that we came up with is to gather support from NGOs instead of relying on the government. Second, for the future, along-term goals, we came up with two: one, give support to parents’ career to gain better income so the children don’t have to work and just focus on their studies; and the second one is to get students be interested in education more by showing the practicality of science. The last idea we came up with is to use a fundraising website to raise more interest and money —this time from around the world, since the previous boat project raised funds only in the Philippines.

We also received various comments and suggestions in relation to our ideas. Most of them expressed assent on supporting parents in their career and on raising funds to assist students. However, out of all the suggestions that we received, the question “Where can they get money to invest? Even (if) they have internet connection, they still need devices to get access” and “After raising people’s interests, how will the access to education be improved?” are highly relevant to our points and it is necessary for our group to take these into consideration when refining our solutions.


  1. What were the insights that we have developed through the synthesis of information during empathy stage? (Manami)When we thought about some solutions of our question and brainstormed them again and again, we found out two core problems. One is poverty and another is lack of information.
    In the case of Philippine, children cannot go to school because they don’t have enough money and they have to work. It means poverty prevents them to go to school.  If they could get out of poverty, it means they can solve one of the core problem. So we have to think about how to get out of the poverty before we think about our question.
    Also in the case of Thailand, even if they can go to school, they don’t have interest for study because of lack of information. They don’t know how important education is and how fun to study and learn new things. So if we want to make them be interested in study, we need to make them understand the importance of the study. So we have to think about some ways of letting them know the importance of study before we think about our question.
  2. How can we bring more clarity and focus to our problem. (Gabriel)

In order to grab people’s attention and interest to the problem, it is very important that we use fun images and examples that can be easily understood by many people. Therefore, we want to use an empirical basis using as our main cases the Philippines and Thailand.

While explaining these cases, we are planning to use fun and colorful pictures and graphics that would catch people’s attention. At the end of our research, we reached a conclusion that it is impossible to achieve a common solution for all the education problems, thereof it is needed to analyze each case as a particular situation. The main goal of our research is to show people examples of how to solve this important issue and make other people research more about their topic in their regions. As a result, we would have more people making a difference locally and, at the same time, thinking globally.

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