Regarding the ‘Post-its Activity’ we gathered evaluations toward the idea, “Students studying to be teachers should go to countries with less developed education as a part of their practical training” in order to solve the problems of low-quality education led by lack of teachers and low-quality teaching. Evaluation was conducted depending on three levels; NOW, HOW and WOW.

In our group, we had 4 opinions in NOW, 7 opinions in HOW and 6 opinions in WOW. As contents of the ideas in HOW, we had some obstacles such as cost, security and language. When we send the teachers to other countries, there must be some kinds of costs, for example the cost of living, that of transportation, that of salary to teachers and so on. Moreover, it can be said that the less developed countries are relatively dangerous than the teachers’ home countries, and it is difficult to guarantee their security.

As a problem of languages, in the case that the mother tongues between teachers and receivers of education are different, it is hard to transport education skills and would take much more time to learn new languages. After we shared our idea to other groups, we got several comments about this idea. Many liked the idea and also agreed with the obstacles of cost, security and language that we have listed, but there were unique comments as well. One problem that they addressed was culture shock, as going to some country that has a totally different cultural background would make participants prone to disorientation and stress. The activity helped us in scrutinizing our idea in more detail.

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