English Reading Skills II: Course Syllabus


Why You Need This Course?

The aim of the English Reading Skills II course is to develop students’ reading speed and comprehension. In this class, students will work on building their reading fluency which is a combination of reading comprehension and reading speed. Students will use weekly reading materials as well as assignments to practice key reading strategies.

At least, read these key words…

Reading strategies, reading fluency, comprehension of text, reading speed

Registered Course Schedule:

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Each week students will do a variety of active learning exercises to improve their reading skills. In addition to reading texts, students will take part in various collaborative and individual activities designed to enhance their critical reading, vocabulary comprehension and analytical reasoning skills.

The class will focus on exercises that will help develop reading strategies, such as skimming and scanning. Reading strategies will help students read faster and understand more of what they read.

Students will be asked to reflect monthly on the content of the class. They will be given time in each class to write notes (or discuss) for their monthly class reflection.

Grading Policy:

In order to be successful in this course, students will need to complete the following:
1. Do Weekly out-of-class Reading projects (4% x 10 projects) – 40% maximum
3. Do Weekly in-class 4C+Reading Activities (4% x 10 projects) – 40% maximum
4. Reading Assignment – 20% maximum


Students need to read the weekly reading text many times and do as much reading outside of class as they can. Students need to actively try to learn and use the vocabulary words in and outside of class.

Reading Materials and Textbook:

Students may use the WELL READ-3 Textbook independently to master key reading strategies. 
IMPORTANT: Students don’t need to purchase this textbook. Prints and soft copies of relevant sections of the textbook will be provided.

  1. Mindy Pasternak and Elisaveta Wrangell,Well Read 3 – Skills and Strategies for Reading (Oxford University Press, 2007)

Newspaper, Magazine and Other resources will be used as part of reading exercises.